Let's Talk About Fast Fashion

What's inside your wardrobe?

Image promoting sustainable fashion

Decarbonising the fashion industry is a hot topic; the world's third largest manufacturing industry produces up to 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, it also responsible for:

  • 20% of global wastewater 
  • Using more energy than aviation and shipping combined 
  • Using 70 million barrels of oil per year *

* Source: BBC Sustainable Fashion how to buy clothes good for the climate

The fast fashion industry produces cheaper clothes for the ever changing fashion trends demanded by shoppers, who might only wear the items a few times before purchasing their next in vogue wardrobe additions, and this is becoming a hot topic of discussion here at Staffordshire University too. 

Nunika, a 2nd year fashion student and a committee leader for our Fashion Society talks about Sustainable Fashion and steps that you can take to make your wardrobe more sustainable in 'Nunika on Sustainable Fashion'.

Rachel Heeley, Senior Lecturer in Fashion at Staffordshire University discusses the need for sustainable fashion in order to achieve climate goals, and asks How sustainable is your wardrobe?

The importance of fast fashion and its impact upon people and our planet is recognised by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for Better Fashion targets, embeded into the Sustainable Development Goals framework,

So what can you do to play your part? 

  • Wash your clothes at a lower temperature and follow garment care instructions to make them last longer
  • Get more wear out of your garments - aim to wear the item at least 30 times
  • Don't buy clothes on a whim - only buy what you need
  • Donate unused clothes instead of binning them
  • Clothes swap with your mates
  • Learn how to sew - repair a ripped seam, sew a button back on. Stiching repairs can add unique character to your threads
  • Try bringing old clothes back to life with new accessories, sew on patches or decorations.
  • Visit the vintage fashion stalls that are regularly hosted in LRV to grab a great second hand bargain
  • Be shopper-savvy and do some research; look out for brands to avoid and those which tick the most sustainable boxes



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