Make an Eggstraordinary Difference

Choosing Fairtrade makes it an eggstra special Easter

Make Easter Eggstraordinary

Around 80m of these Easter goodies fly off UK shelves around this time of year, and so let's egg on our friends and family to go Fairtrade for their seasonal chocolatey treat.

Because more of us choosing Fairtrade means more power and more pay in the hands of the hard-working cocoa farmers behind those Easter eggs.

And that means whole communities with more control over their future, and with more resources to build better lives and take on the climate crisis.


(Student friendly prices too, including Aldi, and get your Totum discount at Coop)


Fairtrade cocoa farmers in places like Ivory Coast and Ghana earn the Fairtrade minimum price for their crop, plus a Fairtrade Premium. It means they can cover household costs like education, food and health care and invest the extra Premium in projects to benefit the whole community, such as clean water or new classrooms.

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