Marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

Holocaust Memorial Day is a time when we seek to learn the lessons of the past and recognise that genocide does not just take place on its own - it’s a steady process which can begin if discrimination, racism, and hatred are not checked and prevented

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"Every year, we take the time to remember the millions of people who were killed during the Holocaust and this year we will be marking it remotely, recalling the history of those who were persecuted through video and poetry. It is also a time to reflect on what not tackling the causes of prejudice, discrimination and hatred can lead to... we continue to work with the University on ensuring our community is safe, now and for future generations of students."

- Connor, Carter, Anth & Tuesday (Your Elected Officer Team)


Know the history

The university has put together some webpages to help our student community find out more about the history of the Holocaust and learn from the lessons of the past.

Find out more »


Share your Holocaust Memorial Day poetry

Poetry can be incredibly powerful. During the Holocaust and other genocides, those persecuted wrote poetry to express their feelings of loss, suffering and hope. Survivors wrote poetry afterwards as a response to their experiences. Writing, reading and sharing poetry can be a creative way to bring people together, even if you are not able to physically join together. Read more about this year's writing activity on the HMD website.

Discover this year’s theme and be inspired to write your own poem and share with others.

Share your poetry »


Interview: Student research into Holocaust materials continues

Alex Haycock, MPhil/PhD humanities 

"My project is looking at the various non-destructive techniques available for creating digital reconstructions of objects relating to Holocaust material culture from private collections belonging to Holocaust survivors, liberators, and their families in an attempt to determine the effectiveness of the techniques and which would be beneficial to use in similar projects moving forward with relation to time and quality of the end product."

"My involvement will be to scan numerous objects of Holocaust material culture from these private collections and potentially interview the owners to gain more insight into the object itself. 

I will then be taking the results and I hope to present them on a small online platform that could be accessed by researchers and the public alike."

"This project is important and a lot of these stories go unheard and many people don’t want to donate to museums due to the value they attribute the object.
Creating digital reconstructions would allow access to such objects for future research and to aid in Holocaust education."

"This is more so in current times with COVID-19 where visiting objects, museums etc is not possible, so having a digital online repository would be invaluable to multiple research areas and education"


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