Michelle Emery, Lettings Manager SU

For being an amazing listener and always being there for students.

michelle emery P2BS23

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Michelle Emery

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"Michelle, I feel that you have not first hand had the true recognition you deserve. Your role, job and the way you've helped and assisted with Students within Greenpad properties has simply been beyond expectations. I am so thankful to have found a member of staff who always has time for student's and always listens (when you have the time ;)). You've been amazing and I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of knowing you during my time within Greenpad Properties. I hope you never lose your drive and spark and I hope this little bit of recognition show's just how special you are. We love you, Michelle! Keep being amazing. You make us #ProudToBeStaffs"


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