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Multicultural Network

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Our Liberation Networks are brilliant at supporting students, as well as educating them on different lifestyles and worldviews, but they also do their bit for the local community around Staffs.

You’ll find no better example of this than the fundraising organised by the Multi-Cultural Network during their very own Multi-Cultural Week celebrations in November of last year. Among the many events, such as guest speakers, art exhibitions and even a drum workshop, they raised £100 for the children of Shelton and Stoke-on-Trent who attended the YMCA near the university campus.

Santus St. Mark’s is best known as a support group for refugees and asylum seekers who find themselves in the Potteries, but also do a lot of work for children living in the local area. These children, and their families, got a great surprise over Christmas as the money raised by the Multi-Cultural Network went towards presents and food for each of them to enjoy during Santus St. Mark’s celebrations at the YMCA in Hanley.

So a big thank you to the MCN for the hard work and making the local community a little bit brighter this winter.

To find out more about our Multicultural Network, click here.


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