My Postal Vote Hasn't Arrived! (And Other Postal Vote FAQs)

With the General Election creeping closer, news has hit that there are issues with some of the postal votes - here's the info the Electoral Commission are sharing on the situation (and more!)

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Applied for a postal vote? Having issues? No problem! Here's a list of FAQs, with information directly from the Electoral Commission...

Help! I haven't received my postal vote ballot pack!

Don't panic! You can request a replacement in person from your local council, up to 5pm on polling day. You’ll need to take ID.

Where can I find my council's elections team?

The Electoral Commission has a finder tool for that - here!

I can't get to the council myself!

No problem! You can request another postal pack (though this needs to be done by 5pm on Wednesday 3rd July!) or authorise someone else to collect the ballot pack for you.

When do I need to return my ballot by?

Postal ballots need to be received by 10pm on Thursday the 4th July, so they need to be posted ASAP! If you receive your ballot later, you can hand it in at your local polling station, or get someone else to hand it in on your behalf.

But my [friend/family member/colleague/etc.] is already handing in their own postal ballot!

That's okay! Anyone who hands in a postal vote is allowed to hand in 5 ballots in addition to their own.

Can I apply for a proxy vote?

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote has now passed. However, you can apply for an emergency proxy, but only if something prevents you from voting that you were not previously aware of - a medical emergency, being away for work, or if your voter ID is lost or stolen.