New Esports Representative is Elected

We're really pleased to announce that our student membership have elected our first student Esports Representive. During the 2021 Leadership Race, students had the opportunity to nominate and vote for the student they wished to represent them as their new student Esports Rep.

We congratulate Jamie who was the succesful candidate in the Esports Representative election. Jamie has previously held student group committee positions and is experienced in hosting, managing and promoting esports events here at Staffs.

The role that Jamie will be undertaking is about helpng to coordinate and support the wide range of esports events and opportunities available to our students here at Staffs, to champion all the great things that our groups and teams do; highlighting their progress and developments and helping to raise the profile our competitive teams within their chosen esport.

We have a wide range of students and student groups playing and competing in esports and the new role will be focussed on improving communication across our student membership and fostering a more cohesive approach to events planning.

The Esports Representative will work closely alongside all of our gaming student group committee leads and will form the key contact with our external partners such as the NUEL & NSE and will be working to promote student opportunities with those partners.

The Esports Rep will also help to coordinate events listings and news updates of all things esports on our new Esports At Staffs webpage, where you can keep up to date with all the happenings in the Staffs esports scene and find out how you can get involved.

To find out more, you can contact Jamie at 



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