Night out, or out at night?

Feeling uncomfortable on a night out, Ask for Angela


Night out, or out at night?

Plan Ahead. Make sure someone knows where you are going, who you are meeting and when you expect to return. and always plan how you are going to get home again.

Don’t leave your drink unattended, and if you start to feel unwell seek assistance from venue staff.

Look out for your mates. Out with friends? look out for each other and consider travelling back together, or “checking in” when you each arrive home safely.

Feel uncomfortable? All our venues operate a fantastic 'Ask Angela' campaign. Just head to the bar, ask for Angela and we'll do the rest.

Safety when 'Out and About'

  • Avoid chatting on your mobile phone or listening to music on your headphones, as this can distract you from your surroundings or any potential danger signs.

  • You may often be laden with books and bags but always try to keep one hand free and walk confidently and purposefully.

  • Think about getting a personal safety alarm. Keep it in an easily accessible place and carry it in your hand if you feel at risk.

  • If you are out at night, try to stick to busy streets and near other people. Avoid danger spots such as poorly-lit areas, deserted parks, or quiet alleyways and walk facing oncoming traffic to avoid kerb crawlers.

  • Ask if there are any areas near your halls that should be avoided. Some short-cuts may be great during the day but have a reputation amongst other students for being unsafe at night.

  • If you see someone else in trouble, think twice before trying to help. This may just aggravate the problem and you could end up hurt as well. It may be a lot more helpful to shout for help, call the police or generally make a lot of noise to attract attention.