OMG Awards - Chris Steers and Kelvin Andrews

OMG! How proud are we of Chris Steers and Kelvin Andrews.

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omg radio interview omg radio interview

Chris Steers, who was the Former Station Manager of OMG and Kelvin Andrews, a former student, Careerist, Occasional presenter of our radio station, have let us interview them in discussion of their experience of the awards and how #proudtobe they are of themselves. Their hard work has paid off!

Together they produced a Documentary on the German occupation of the channel islands in 2019 and were selected for the Kevin Greening award for creativity. Followed with winning the best speech category for a David Bowie Documentary, Ziggy Stardust and the LGBT+ Revolution, which was a ten-minute piece. 

"We didn't want to copy old groud, which is why our documentaries stood out". Kelvin Andrews

They self-produced during Covid, which they found quite challenging, getting the contributors and everything else together, so they were delighted in 2020 to win the best speech, go from runner up in the category the year before, and go on to win the act. How amazing! Even better, they got an extra nomination in the Kevin Greening Award again. Three of the awards for creativity nominations were OMG, which hasn't been done before at the SRA's (Student Radio Awards)! 

They also picked up the best producer Joe Lyons award for Best Producer, which Chris was picked up for work he had done, not just documentaries and other pieces of work. Chris is the first person ever to win the Joe Lyons award, and it was named after the late Capitol Radio Producer Joe Lyons, famous for producing Roman Kemp. Kelvin also won the best speech this year! 

There is no 'I' in 'Team', and both Chris and Kevin became awards winners due to their commitment to OMG and each other throughout these unusual times! 

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