Officer Team Updates: April 2020

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What's going on in April?

Here are all of the updates from your Full-Time Officers for the month of April 2020, see what they have been up to and find out the latest goings on within the Students Union.


27th April 2020

Communication is key, making sure that students have support and help when needed during lockdown is on of the things being looked at by the team. You can also send all of your suggestions and queries to the voice team to help towards improving the situation for students during lockdown.

  • Communication within lectures and how it can be improved to help students whilst studying remotely.
  • If you have any concerns you don't have to be a rep to have your voice heard. All ideas and suggestions can be sent to
  • Looking for something to entertain yourself with during lockdown? Sign up to take part in Staffs Got Talent: Covid Special (information to follow soon)
  • Staffs has identified it has a BAME Award Gap. Find out more here.


20th April 2020

In this video the team have been focusing on how events can still go ahead during lockdown and working with GreenPad landlords to get students a well needed discount during these hard times. Also be sure to get your nominations in for someone who has made you Proud to be Staffs.

  • What's up with GradEX and how will it work during lockdown?
  • Letter to Greenpad Landlords about discounted rent due to Covid-19.
  • Satellite campus support.
  • E:vision plus is being developed as part of the Student Records Transformation.
  • Looking at a BetterStaffs online so everyones voice can be heard and shared even during lockdown.
  • Rep sessions for course reps.
  • Proud to be staffs nominations and how you can get involved by nominating someone who makes you proud to be staffs.
  • Professional Statutory Regulatory Bodies and how it will help online exams.
  • Hate Crime Policy being put in place to help students and staff.


14th April 2020

Grades have been a big concern for students and how grading will actually work with the lockdown in place. Officers have been discussing a No Detriment Policy with Staffordshire University to make sure everything goes smoothley and students get the grades they deserve.

  • The situation concerning student accommodation and how students are going to be compensated for during the lockdown.
  • No Detriment Policy put in place to make sure you get the correct marks for your course.
  • Mental health during lockdown and how important it is to make sure you're staying active.


7th April 2020

The Officers have been working hard to make sure studying during lockdown is easy for all students. The No Detriment Policy and PSRB's are helping students with everything study related from grades to exams.

  • No Detriment Policy
  • Trustee Board
  • PSRB's and exams
  • Medical equipment sent to aid the NHS from Staffs Forensic Science departments.
  • NUS Conference