Olayemi's Progress Updates

Want to explore some of Olayemi's past progress updates? Here you'll find a short profile of what he's been up to!

Olayemi shrugging in front of green text that reads "OLAYEMI UPDATES"

Olayemi's Updates

This regularly updated page will help you track what Olayemi has been up to since beginning his presidency with the Students' Union. The most recent update is added to the top of the page, so scroll down for older updates...

Olayemi shrugging in front of green text that reads "OLAYEMI UPDATES"

21/08 - Over the past week, I have been championing students in some discussions around timetabling, whilst also putting things in place to encourage the integration of our international students into our Staffs community!

14/08 - This week, I've been working on some of my manifesto points surrounding the experience of international students here at Staffs, whilst also representing all students in discussions around the digital future of the University.

07/08 - I've been in some really impactful meetings in recent weeks to get the ball rolling with some of our manifesto points. I've been particularly committed to some careers and employability work this week, alongside travelling to London for the NUS Lead and Change Conference!

First Update - It's the first few weeks of my time as an Officer! I've been busy with lots of training and taking the first steps towards achieving the points on my manifesto...