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Over 90% of students want the Union to take action on single use plastic the results of our Student Sustainability Survey have found. 

We exist to let the student voice be heard and thanks to those of you who filled out our annual sustainaiblity survey we have been ableto help focus our efforts for another year.  The big issue this year... single use plastic and the mess it is making of the planet. Over 90% of you want us to take action and wether thats by changing carrier bags, coffee cups, straws, cocktail straws or bottles of water we are listening!

Coffee Cups are the new Brexit... 

Split 52- 48, we proposed charging to buy paper coffee cups, currently only 0.25% of them are recycled in the country and we get through two and a half billion of them every year in the UK. Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion, we'll take these all on board and find the best solution for the planet and your pocket.

Reduce, Reuse, throw it in the bin?

For the third year RECYCLING is a massive issue you are unhappy about. This year we asked even more about your trashy habbits and tried to find out what your home facilities were like. Nearly HALF of you told us you can't easily recycle at home! the good news for those of you in halls is that we are working with the uni on this, having already brought in glass recycling in the spring the Uni will be adding metal and paper recycling in the summer too. 

For everyone living in houses in the city you'll need to speak to the Council, 01782 234234, Option 4, Option 1 (saves listening to the list) OR you can tweet them  @SoTCityCouncil  or email them enquiries@stoke.gov.uk to let them know how annoyed you are! If you live in Shelton, you'll be sent blue boxes, ask for at least 2 for a 3 bed house.

Half of you would find Sustainaiblity useful in your courses... 

But only 40% of you been encouraged to think about the environment in your studies. And this is something Unions and Universities are working on across the country. The UK has educated 90% of world leaders, so its a great way to change the world by teaching future presidents and prime ministers about the damage we have done to the planet and some of the fantastic technological, engineering and biologial ways we can help prevent catastrphic climate change. 


There are loads more bits of info to find out and our winners will be announced soon. We will share all our findings with the university too to help them to do more.  Keep you eyes peeled!



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