Parking Update

Updated/Edited: 4th October

Your Elected Officer Team and our Social Media accounts have been inundated with questions about parking, and after a meeting with the University, one of our senior managers and our fantastic commuter network lead - and here's what we know...


Will parking get any better?

The start of term is always busy. Students and staff are settling back into routines, and are working out the different ways to get to campus. Based on previous years, we’re expecting that it’ll get progressively easier over the next few weeks as the new parking system gets going.

How can I get a parking permit?

Applications for permits will open by the end of next week. Once open, all staff and students will be notified of when and how to apply. Keep an eye out on all the usual newsletters and social media channels and you won’t miss it! This year, the process is all online and you have until the 1st November before permits are enforced.
If you live within 3 miles of campus you will not be automatically eligible for a university parking permit. If you live locally, get in touch with the council to apply for your local street parking
If you live in University Halls you will have until Christmas to make the appropriate arrangements to remove your car from campus from the new academic period in January.


How much will a parking Permit cost me?

University parking permits will be £60 for all cars (inc. blue badge holders) and motorcycles. These permits will allow students to park on-campus where bays are available.

Can I use the pay and display?

This year there is a public pay and display to accommodate students who may be on-campus just a few times per term – such as part-time students and apprenticeship course. This costs the same as the station to discourage public use of this, and is where all guests will be expected to park and pay.
If you want to use local pay and display you can park at Fenton Manor for £6 per day (ST4 4RR) which is around 20 minutes from campus or use The Stoke Campus postcode is ST4 2DE and ST18 0YG for Blackheath Lane campus.

How will the new system work?

It’ll operate through a number plate recognition system. This will take a picture on arrival and departure from the campus. If you are a permit holder it will automatically recognise your vehicle. If you haven’t registered for a permit you will need to pay as you leave the campus.
If you have family or friends dropping you off on campus, you have 30 minutes free before you incur any charges. The system is being installed over the next few weeks. This is not accumulative and it allows drop of an pickups in the same day.

When will enforcement begin?

Until 31st October you will be asked to park safely and appropriately ensuring you are leaving enough access for emergency vehicles to access the campus in the event of emergency.
From 1st November enforcement will begin as the ANPR (automatic Number Plate recognition) will be installed and operating and staff and students will have had a month to apply for permits.

What if I have two cars in my family that I may use for University?

Do not worry you can register two vehicles on application for your permit. Try and register these up front if you can it will save you time in sorting it later. By registering two cars only one will be active at any one time. Students will be able to activate the second car when needed through the web site.

Why can’t I park on Brindley?

Work is due to commence on the Catalyst building development. That means the University and contractors have started to bring in and out vehicles to site and ensuring the relevant health and safety checks have had to be made ahead of demolishing.

Why are the University making these parking changes?

We’re all working on our Environmental footprint – as a Higher Education provider we want to be an active partner in ensuring our commitment to sustainability.
We’re also working with Community partnerships – our aim is to work closely with the council to develop and deliver the travel plans for the region, which you can see below:
By Rail: Regional Rail Operators:

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