Plastic, The Slow Tsunami

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A visual project by Polly Bates (Level 5 Fine Art Student)

Inspired by Hokusai ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’, Polly Bates, (Level 5 Fine Art Student) is taking on 'Plastic, The Slow Tsunami' - a fantastic visual project that captures the way in which plastic is damaging our world. Whilst working alongside our own #SustainableUnion goals and Vice-President Steph Cairncross, 

"Plastic pollution is damaging the world around us, becoming an un-natural disaster. We invite you to join our campaign as we work to produce a wall based installation of Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’ from plastic bottle tops. It’s vital we come together to create change." - Polly Bates

The project will bring together a range of teams and departments and highlight the huge plastic issue that is effecting our planet, with a permanent visual mural in the Cadman Courtyard.

We’re excited to share developments and workshops as they happen.










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