Rep Council: what did your representatives discuss?

A brief update on the discussions and actions from Representative Council, where those who represent you come together to improve your experience!

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What is it?

Representative Council is where Department Reps, Network Chairs and Officers come together to discuss the issues and ideas that are relevant across our University. Led by Student Chair, Aida, your representatives discussed updates from the Trustee Board, Better Staffs Forum and the work of the Officer Team; it was a jam-packed meeting with lots of discussion around blended learning and some of the challenges students could face before Christmas.

What did they talk about?

Blended Learning and how blended or remote learning over the assessment period could make accessing resources difficult, especially for Gaming and Film & Media students.

Covid Safety Measures and feeling secure on campus, with questions raised about face to face assessments and exams and what next semester could look like.

Communications from the University and how success has varied across the University, with some people feeling comms have been clear and effective and others having a mixed, but improving experience.

Accessing University Support with queries around the Sunflower scheme and its effective implementation.

Library Resources and the availability of books across different courses, especially as the University looks to reduce physical books with the erection of the new Catalyst building. 

What happens next?

Blended Learning - Department Rep for Media & Performance and Vice President Anth Wallace to meet with the Head of Department and discuss the availability of equipment for students during lockdown

Covid Safety Measures - All Representatives to ensure that in future discussions they are asking University staff about potential assessment barriers for students and what plans for exams and next semester look like

Communications from the University - The Officer Team to support Department Reps in relevant areas to discuss methods of improving communications from Course Teams so students feel reassured about what's happening next in relation to their studies

Accessing University Support  - Officers to request that the University share an update on being kind/supporting each other and some information about hidden disabilities following anecdotal examples of the Sunflower Scheme not being implemented effectively

Library Resources - President Connor Bayliss to meet with the Head of Libraries and understand the plans for physical books, and any reduction and relocation of resources in relation to the Catalyst development

Interested in joining the discussion?

Any student is welcome to join their representatives at a Rep Council, with the next meeting scheduled for 24th February 2021. Keep an eye on the website and social media for updates closer to the event!