Sara competes in Virtual TT: Isle of Man race

Catch me at the first ever Virtual TT race (if you can!)

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Virtual TT: Staffs Student, Sara, Competes

"I had the privilege of getting an opportunity to participate as a competitor in this years Virtual TT: Isle of Man race. The competition is based on the actual TT: Isle of Man race that has been held since 1907 and is the world’s oldest continuous Motorcycle race. The races are run over two weeks with a week of qualifying followed by four race days spread over another week."


"This year, the race was cancelled due to COVID-19, but that didn’t stop them- as they decided to run a virtual race using their newly released game TT: Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2.
When asking if I wanted to join, I instantly said ‘yes’. The answer was obvious, be part of the biggest motorcycle race in the world and partner with a famous rider and grind a game where I could live my motorcycle dream?"

"Of course, I would say yes. "

"So, off I went, grinding the game for hours a day, falling of my virtual motorcycle again and again. It was challenging but one of the best experiences I had with any SIM Racing game. 
I always saw motorbikes on the road, pointing out my fascination with them since I was little, but getting to meet a professional was beyond that."


"I mean, this is also revolutionary for esports. For anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of the game-changing event at its beginning. Do it! It’s worth seeing for yourselves. So, catch me at the first ever Virtual TT race on the starting on the 6th of June – 13th of June!"


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