Self Care Week: Deadline Decompress

So you've handed in your work and can finally take a deep breath... What now?

A grass background with the text 'Deadline Decompress' in white over it, and two small white daisies

It's that time of year again! We're at the height of deadline and exam season, and soon lots of courses will be in that wonderful limbo time of 'anxiously awaiting results while having not much else to do'. This time can be scary, and it's easy to get wrapped up in 'what if's, which is wholly unhelpful and only succeeds in making you feel worse. So, we've put together some top tips to help you keep calm while waiting for results!

1) Celebrate!

No matter how you think you may have done, treat yourself to something nice after your final hand-in/exam! This could be anything - a meal out, baking yourself a cake, watching your favourite movie, going bowling with friends - it doesn't need to be expensive, just something that makes you feel good. You've put all that hard work into your education, so you've earned a little treat!

2) Put It Out Of Your Mind!

It's a lot easier said than done, but the most important thing you can do when waiting for results is to remember that from the second you hand in your work or close your exam paper, there is nothing else you can do to impact your grade, so there's no reason to stress over it. You could mostly be stressing over things that may not even happen!

3) Keep Busy!

If your summer is quiet, you'll find yourself with far more opportunities to worry and work yourself up! Start a hobby, join a sports team, get a job, volunteer your time - there are plenty of opportunities to keep yourself and your mind busy...

4) Be Prepared!

If you do think there is a risk that you may need to resubmit your work, familiarise yourself with the process. What will be expected of you? When will this be done? Hopefully it won't be needed, but it pays to be prepared!

Overall, we just want to extend a HUGE well done to all of the students who have worked so hard this academic year!