Staffordshire University achieves Gold in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework

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What does 'Gold' in TEF mean for current students at Staffs?

You might have seen Staffs Uni scoring 'Gold' in TEF (the Teaching Excellence Framework). You can read about the good news here.

“It’s fantastic to have yet another reason to be ‘Proud to be Staffs’. We’ve always worked hard to ensure our diverse range of students are represented and it’s great to be able to support all students in collaboration with our University."

"Thanks to this partnership we’re able to use the student voice and empower our students to create positive change, and I’m sure this positive change has been reflected in our TEF Gold achievement."
- Tash Crump, Students' Union President 2018/19
Whilst this can be a useful tool for those who are 'Thinking of Staffs' and applying for Universities, what does this actually mean for current students?

Firstly, what is a TEF rating?

The government's Office for Students assess teaching quality and outcomes for students then gives each institution a bronze, silver or gold rank. A much better and more detailed explanation can be found here.

But why DID Staffs Uni get Gold?

Simply put (this was originally planned to be Twitter thread after all). TEF mentions:
  • It's range of measures to ease the transition for students into Uni
  • The introduction of it's Student Hub
  • It's work addressing the experience and outcomes for disadvantaged students
  • The way the graduate attributes are written into the curriculum

Yeah, but, what does this mean for me? I'm still at Staffs, not applying to it!

It means you should;
  • be receiving good teaching, feedback and academic support
  • feel satisfied with your course
  • go on to high skilled jobs or further study

This was a very simplified article, but let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by getting in touch with your Officers or Student Voice team!


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