Staying Late at Uni and Need to Break Your Fast?

Iftar bags have been prepared by the Islamic Society and the chaplaincy for those staff and students who are still on campus while needing to break their fast!

A table full of brown paper bags (filled with iftar snacks) and the logo for the Islamic Society.

Ramadan has arrived and the Islamic society has started distributing iftar bags for students and staff in the Mellor building, room S330 and the Catalyst building, room CA205.

If you are leaving late, held back because of studying or trying to break fast but you are still on campus, they will conveniently be there for you.

In sha'Allah, there will also be occasional jama'ah at the Catalyst. So, whether you are looking to break your fast with a fellow Muslim or find someone to pray with, you are not alone.

There is plenty of opportunity to help make and distribute the iftar bags if you are willing to assist the committee in this. If you are not already in the society, be sure to join. Everyone is welcome regardless of their faith, as there are more events coming soon.