Student Group of the Month: February - RAMS

February saw so many groups take community spirit to a new level, but RAMS have taken the top spot this month for our Monthly Student Group Article

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Throughout the academic year, RAMS has been a force to be reckoned with, hosting a series of electrifying events that left a lasting impact on both members and enthusiasts alike, from hosting small, regular events to showcasing their community spirit through a host of large events and collaborations, such as the Valentine’s Ball, where RAMS with other societies such as LGBTQ+, The Coven, Folklore, and Myth were to host a night where students with diverse interests can come together, creating an inclusive and unforgettable experience.

The recent RAMS evening trip to Hanley was not just a journey through local watering holes; it was a pilgrimage for music enthusiasts to unite, share stories, and revel in the spirit of camaraderie, bringing everyone together for a night of fun and togetherness; which we might add was carefully planned with member safety and enjoyment at the top of the agenda. The management of the event ensured that meeting schedules and expectations were clearly communicated, venues were contacted ahead of the event, members knew how to get in touch with eachother throughout the evening, responsible drinking guidance was promoted, non-drinking buddies were assigned and the whole event curated so as all members could participate, have fun and get home safely. It's easy to underestimate how much planning goes into managing such events; all credit to the committee!

The recent photoshoot provided a memorable momento for members - something that they can look back on in years to come to remember their fellow members and friends.

The committee are also busy organising group merchandise such as RAMS branded jackets and caps for members, which are awesome keepsakes. 

RAMS have supported the Sophie Lancaster Foundation by raising charity funds for the charity which campaigns against hate crime and challenges prejudice and intolerance towards people from alternative subcultures. 

The group have also embraced the spirit of community by collaborating with various societies to help bring The Tavern event to life and was testament to all the involved societies’ commitment to providing a diverse range of experiences.

Not only does the RAMS community offer regular social activities to students through their RAMS Invasion events but they continue their contribution to Supporting Staffs by supporting regular events on campus such as Misfit, again supporting opportunities for students to come together to socialise in a safe space with like-minded people. 


Special Mention:

We’d also like to take a second to appreciate some of the hard work from other student groups. February seemed to be a time for giving, with so many groups hosting charity fundraisers and dedicating their time to support the local community.

One of these groups was the African-Caribbean Society, who during the Refresh Fair, not only did they spend the day talking to students and welcoming potential new members, but they utilsed the opportunity to do some charity fundraising at the same time- raising awareness for Children With Cancer Uk, and hosting an “Ice-Cream For Breakfast” event at the same time!


Many of our student led groups regularly go above and beyond in showing what it means to be proud of their community, and what it means to be Proud to Be Staffs. Congratulations to RAMS for winning this month’s Student Group of the Month, and to all of our student groups who have shown so much hard work and dedication throughout the year so far!