Student Group(s) of the Month: March - Team Tavern

Tavern Night bought not one, not two but five student groups together for an epic collaboration!


Over 120 students came together, suited and booted for the return of Tavern Night Ember Lounge takeover this month. The organising committee explains...

"Tavern Night, a collaborative event organised by The Coven, Folklore Society, LGBTQ+ Network, Myth Society and RAMS, turns one of the campus venues into a medieval tavern and populates it with a myriad of colourful characters. This time, it was the Ember Lounge’s turn to get the Tavern makeover.

As the fifth Tavern Night since its debut in November 2022, there were some returning fan favourite activities, including quests from Folklore Society, Tarot Reading from The Coven, board games hosted by Myth, a banger of a playlist from RAMS and decorations from the LGBTQ+ Network.

There were also plenty of new things to debut at this Tavern Night. The marketplace hosted two very talented artists, @Treefion and @oh_imaginarium, who exhibited their incredible artwork and there was a Tavern Night merchandise stall run by RAMS where patrons could deck themselves out in Tavern swag.

The resident quest giver from Folklore recruited patrons in his new quest to hunt for the werewolf that was hidden amongst the crowd. Doing these quests would not only help get to the bottom of the werewolf mystery but gave patrons an opportunity to gain Tavern currency to purchase a selection of DnD dice from the merchant in the marketplace.

Alongside running board games, Myth also ran the sword fighting tournament. All walks of life took part in the tournament, with tense matches that had the audience on edge. The excitement continued when it was revealed that the werewolf was one of the favourite fighters all along! Fortunately, the werewolf was slain, and a champion was crowned!

One of the highlights of Tavern Night are the costumes. It’s not only the organisers who dress up, but virtually everyone who attends dresses up, and it never fails to amaze. The costume contest allowed those who dressed to impress to show off their hard work and after a very tough decision from the judges, 3 winners were chosen.

Keep your eyes peeled, as Tavern Night is set to return!"


Bringing together the ideas and creativity from mulitiple student groups, working together cohesively and opening opportunities for as many students as possible to come together for such a unique experience - is a challenge that was accepted and succesfully delivered by the Tavern Night organising committees and fellow student group members; each group involved deservingly awarded joint Student Group Of The Month! 

We can't wait to see what the next Tavern Night brings.


Tavern attendees in costume