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Student Voice Conference Brings Staff and Students Together

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Student Voice” is something that is very important to us as an SU. You might think it’s one of those really contrived terms that businesses use to mean something complex and bureaucratic, but it’s not. It’s simply what you, as a student, are saying.

Using your voice means we can represent you as effectively as possible and work towards the perfect university experience for each group or individual.

To cement this ideal across the union and university, we held a Student Voice Conference last Wednesday (Feb 1st) in the Ashley Building on Leek Road campus. This was attended by staff members from both camps, as well as plenty of engaged members of our student body, such as the ever-crucial Academic Reps.

Various members of Staffs’ executive team  were also present, including Vice-Chancellor Liz Barnes, who was joined by NUS Vice-President Richard Brooks. Both spoke alongside our President Jaime-Lee before the interactive workshops and presentations began.

Aside from the key messages of utilising and amplifying the Student Voice, the day was also a superb chance for networking between university staff and students, a gap that can never have too many bridges.

Jaime-Lee was clearly impressed with the event. She said: “It was incredible because it was the first conference that brought students and staff together. As a university and a union, we can get too focused on our own specific audiences and not collaborate.

“Staff were really engaged with it. It was great to see those people in IT Support and Admissions, who don’t always think they have an influence on students, which just isn’t true.

“Lastly, it was just great to hear how enthusiastic Liz Barnes was, especially with our message of Proud to be Staffs.”

So don’t forget, use your Student Voice and help us make Staffs the best learning and living environment possible.



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