Student group of the month; November 2022

Student group(s) of the month; November 2022

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Two groups that have gone above and beyond during November 2022 are Cue Sports and Scarlettes. Between them, they have practised, socialised, competed, fundraised, raised awareness and collaborated and to put it quite simply; they make us #Proudtobestaffs.

Cue Sports started the month by securing external sponsorships from Longton Snooker and Pool club, who are supporting the club in purchasing their team-branded tops, providing discounted table hire and assisting in the running and hosting of their upcoming tournaments. Sponsorship from One Stop Computers (Stoke) has seen a £600 boost to group funds to assist with group purchases and promotions.

Staffs Cue Sports took 3 teams competing in the Keele University Players championship and securing some fantastic wins:cue sports

  • Staffs 1st – 3rd place championship
  • Staffs 2nd – 1st place in trophy
  • Staffs 3rd – 3rd place in trophy

On the weekend of 5th-6th November, the group hosted a tournament at Longton Snooker and Pool Club, with the results giving the group even more, to smile about:

  • Staffs 1st – 2nd place Gold division
  • Staffs 2nd – 2nd place Silver division
  • Staffs 3rd – 2nd place Bronze division

Earning 33 medals and a trophy has understandably left Staffs Uni Cue Sports on cloud nine.

Staffs Scarlettes have also had an incredibly busy month;

Organising both performance and competition teams, planning training sessions and routines and showing exceptional dedication with their early morning sessions that see them training from 07:00 in the morning… (yes, you read that right!).

Competition season is just around the corner, and hours of planning, practise, conditioning and training become second nature to the dedicated team. The inflatable air track that the group recently purchased from their fundraising account funds is a great asset.  

The committee represented their members at the Student Group Executive Committee meeting, contributing to Making Positive Change at Staffs. As if the team were not already busy enough, the Scarlette’s Wellbeing and Inclusion officers have been offering study sessions with members, helping students during this important pre-hand-in period.

Cue Sports and Scarlette's also came together to collaborate on fundraising for a charity held dear to both groups. Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. Our student groups have worked hard to support the cause, raising awareness and funds for the Movember Foundation.

cue sports

Staffs Scarlettes joined Cue Sports at the tables to pot some balls and proved they are a team of many talents!




Cue Sports were invited to the Scarlettes Bring a Buddy session, which saw 45 buddies attending a Cheerleading give it a go, proving that Cue Sports are indeed great!

 Each of the sessions was both great fun and a successful fundraiser.




The Cheerleaders also held a Movember raffle which saw an additional £237 raised for the charity, and between them, Cue Sports and Staffs Scarlettes have raised over £800 for the Movember Foundation.

cue sports

An amazing amount and admirable effort from all involved! Well done, Cue Sports and Scarlette's! #Proudtobestaffs



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