Student group of the month; October 2022

African Caribbean Society; student group of the month

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From the moment the election results were announced back in May, the new ACS committee were off to a flying start, planning, preparing and organising their events for the year ahead.

Attending committee training and Mental Health First Aid training offered by the Students' Union back in September, set the committee in good stead to put their plans into action. The society manager Mavii, is clearly driven and organised with a vision for the society to provide as many opportunities as possible for members to learn, grow, socialise and belong; and when we say organised we're not joking, ACS already have events booked in for May 2023!

The breadth of planned events is inspiring, when you consider the work that goes on behind the scenes to safely and effectively organise activities, which include:

Welcome Meet & Greets, Debate Nights, Games Nights (with Halloween, World Cup & Valentines additions), Roller Skating, Paintball, Paint & Sip, Sports Day, Neon Snooker, Rep your Flag, Pyjama Night and a cooking masterclass which is sure to be a hit with members learning how to cook from scratch on a budget.

The enthusiasm to ensure the sucess of the events has been shown through committee leaders hosting gazebo stalls to promote events and also welcoming all students to chat and learn more about the society.

The African Caribbean Society has demonstrated a number of attributes that we look for in our student groups:

  • Collaboration: working with Keele ACS and other businesses to develop networks and provide wider opportunities and discounts for members
  • Supporting Staffs: Black History Month and Light Art Painting
  • Inclusion: supporting our Race and Cultural Inclusion Network
  • Community and belonging: through the variety of events and desire to reach out to and include all members which is evident through the access to events plans that they have submitted.

ACS are clearly on their way to achieving this year's student group badges:


Congratulations African Caribbean Society, you make us Proud to be Staffs