Sustainable Union: Litter Pick

Litter Pick team photo

Last week Mark and Sam took a group of students out to the university nature reserve to give it some much needed attention. The amount of litter that was there was horrendous and so in just three hour we filled over 15 bin bags!

Couldn't have done it without our lovely volunteers, so thank you guys, you certainly earned the Verve pizza afterwards!

While we certainly noticed a difference after just a few hours work, we were shocked by how much litter was there and it's really quite sad. We'll be running several more litter picks in the new year, and the more volunteers we have, the bigger the difference we can make. 

Keep on the look out for the next one, which we'll post on the events page. If this is something you'd like to get involved in and would like to be notified about similar events, email Sam on or Mark on 




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