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Leadership Race Highlights

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LR Highlights

It's been a busy few days for our prospective Officers, and we're sure it's been busy for you too. 

There is still time to vote, so please do make sure your voice is heard by voting in the Leadership Race before voting closes at midnight. We caught up with some of our Leadership Race candidates yesterday to find out how their campaigns are going and what they've been doing to try and entice you to vote for them.

The weather yesterday was immense, and probably all we can expect for our summer this year - but it brought the campus to life and candidates had some interesting ideas to get students involved. Here are a few pictures and quotes to catch you up with the Leadership Race so far.

Birgit Allport was wandering around campus trying to get your vote, with the slogan 'Vote Bold and Vote the Old' on her t-shirt. She's also had some amazing help from her campaign team and surprisingly, a goat. 

 Swetha Reddy, a current Officer has been here there and everywhere, being her usual bubbly self. If you mangaged to spot her, then you will have more than likely managed to get a cup of popcorn or stick of   candyfloss from her sweet stalls. Her campaign team have been dedicated to the cause and she's been  popping up all over the campus. 

 "Having the best people to support me and interesting people to talk to over the past two days has been  great."

Nick Heywood has been off his trolley trying to get you all to secure his vote. He's been with his campaign team and his running-mate Amy Smith who is running for Student Trustee over the voting period and has been tireless in making sure he's speaking to all of you. 

"During the campaign, me and my campaign team have been coming up with multiple creative ideas to engage students, ranging from going around the campus, handing out leaflets, and playing music with flags raised high."

 Tash Crump has been facing her fears to try and show you how strong of a leader she'll be, and has been  rolling around the campus with her Team Staffs Netball and American Football teams helping her to get her voice heard.  

 Sam Pillow uprooted his living room and brought it to campus which went down a treat yesterday in the spring sunshine, providing a cool place to chill out, get comfy, grab a drink and some sweets and enjoy the  sun while it was out. 

 "It was a great way of meeting new people and talking about my campaign to them."

 Samuel Thrussell has been making a mockery of our rivals Keele all week, releasing a Metal Gear Solid esque 'infliltration' video, showing off his stealthy skills and great posters. 

 Current officer Ben Malbon has been getting hands on during this Leadership Race, speaking to hundreds of students and making sure they know who he is and what he can do for the University and them as students. Ben and his campaign team have been busy all over the campus trying to secure votes.

 Both Elric Sullivan and Matt Dilworth have been busy networking around the University campus, securing votes for themselves through a variety of means. 

 Running for Student Trustee, Sabaat Nadeem has been all over campus collecting the views of students.

 "One main focus of my campaign was collecting feedback from students  on what they'd like to see the Union spend money on, and I asked them to  write the feedback on a T-shirt."

 Ezra Williams brought the blackboard out and has had students writing reasons why they're voting for him on sticky notes. He has been a big player in the battle for Ember Square and has been working hard with his campaign team.

 Current Officer Darren Clarke and man-about-Union-venues Stephen Wilkinsohave been using their well known faces around campus to speak to people about the issues they're having. The latter was offering free tea or coffee on Tuesday.

 Daniel Smith has been busy campaigning, but was even busier yesterday as the Mens Lacrosse team had to both train and play a League game in the preparation for Varsity.

 Alison Vaughan and Liam Howitt have both expressed how much fun they've had speaking to a load of students, with Alison expressing that she's "enjoyed speaking to people" which was "nothing crazy for her" and Liam saying that "doing lecture shout-outs has been good."

Overall, it's been a busy period and it's very nearly over. You have the rest of the day to vote and then the Leadership Race will be out of your hair for another year. Tune in to Staffs TV tomorrow to find out who your Officers for next year are going to be.



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