The Thompson Library Changes - What YOU need to know

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The Thompson Library is changing! Don’t panic, we’ve got all the information you need as a student…

From 5PM, there will be no staff to help you out at the library. Don’t worry, it’s still open 24/7 365 days a year, with students being able to access with their student cards. The library will still have staff on the weekend from 1-6PM.

So who does this effect?

  • Intermitting Students; people who’ve had to take a break in their studies for an academic year (5 items to take out + 2 reservations)
  • Employees of Nursing Homes & Employees of NHS Trusts not affiliated with Staffordshire University (5 items to take out + 2 reservations)
  • ‘SCONUL’ Access: students from other universities on the SCNOUL scheme that’s offered in UK universities. (5 items to take out + 2 reservations)
  • ‘External Borrowers’ and Corporate Members (5 items to take out + 2 reservations)
  • Students (and Staff) from Partnership Colleges & Academies: this includes students from:
    • City Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form
    • Newcastle-under-Lyme College
    • Shrewsbury College
    • Stafford College
    • South Staffordshire College
    • Stoke-on-Trent College 
  • Students from non-UK or Ireland Universities; students visiting by Staffs who aren’t in a UK or Irish University won’t be able to access without staff members. (5 items to take out + 2 reservations)

I’m not any of those groups and this is still affecting my studies greatly!

If this is the case and you need library staff for your course after 5PM, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with to let us know. Remember the Student Hub over on Leek Road will still be open until 8PM.


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