Top tips for walking home and staying safe

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Whether you’re leaving the library after late night essay-ing, heading back on a Friday night after FlashBack, or strolling home after training, here’s some top tips to keep you safe whilst walking home


Walk home with a friend…

Walking home alone can be intimidating, but having a friend their not only makes you feel safer, it is actually safer too!

Put your screen on lockdown!

It’s tempting to share that hilarious Squeezebox pun you’ve just thought of, but it’s also distracting. You can avoid danger before it’s even happened by being aware of what’s going on around you. It also means you’re not showing off your shiny new iPhone to the world…and don’t worry, the option to turn yourself into a dog on SnapChat will still be available when you get home.

Check in with a friend

If you’re in the library with friends, you probably have a ‘Study Heroes 2k18’ WhatsApp group. So when you get back, log in to the group and tell then your home or that you gave in to temptation and headed right to Brunchies or Sweet n Spice.

Keep it LIT

Wherever you can, keep to well-lit areas when you’re walking home. If you’re coming back from Hanley, use the Be Safe route from PC Simon Stone that shows the safest routes back to campus.

Fake it till you make it (home)

Look up, look around and walk home with confidence.

And finally…have your keys ready

You don’t need the extra hassle of trying to find your keys at the bottom of your bag when you get home or to your car, so have them handy before you leave. It’s not only safer, but when it’s raining, you’ll be happy to get out the rain as fast as possible!
If in doubt, catch a cab home - we'd recommend City Cabs at 01782 844444:



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