Travel safely

Some top tips for travel safety

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Travel Safely

  • Consider carrying a personal alarm.

  • Inform someone that you are on your way.

  • Consider how you are getting home before leaving the house. Pre-book a local licenced cab so you know it will be coming at the end of your night.

  • Only hail a taxi if it has the illuminated taxi sign.

  • Sit in the back and avoid giving away personal details.

  • Have your fare ready.

  • Try and keep the number of a local, licenced firm with you.

  • When travelling by public transport, wait in a well-lit, busy area.

  • Sit near other people.

  • Make sure you can get to your ticket easily.

  • Don’t be afraid of moving should someone’s behaviour cause you concern.

  • Trust your instinct.
  • Download the Safezone app from the play or apple store

Staffordshire Police have put this video together to highlight the best route from Hanley to Campus.