Varsity Gobble 2023

Do you have to be into sports to go to Varsity Gobble?

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varsity gobble

Gobble Varsity


Whether you are into sports or not, Varsity is a time to come together and support friends and teams competing. Whether it's a celebration or a commiseration, Varsity Gobble is one of the year's BIGGEST nights; trust us when we say; it's the place to be next Wednesday.  

To avoid disappointment,  book your tickets in advance, and remember, if you are competing, you get free entry! 

We have new friendlies this year, including SnowSports, Mixed Hockey and Women's Cue sports, so don't miss the opportunity to support them! You can catch all the action LIVE online or in person at various locations. So support your teams, gather your mates and enjoy the four days of Varsity 2023. Be a part of it. 


For further details on Varsity such as timetables and locations, view here



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