Volunteering - Britta helps to 'Sustain Staffs'

We speak to students who helped secure funding to help make Staffs Uni more Sustainable.

Britta - Biological science Student Britta - Biological science Student

We spoke to Britta who helped secure funding for their green idea to make our University more sustainable.

Staffs Uni have made £50,000 available to staff and students who want to make sustainable changes on campus, or who have project ideas that will benefit the environment. Britta volunteered as part of a successful application, so we wanted to find out what encouraged her to #GetInvolved. 

Britta, Biological Science Lvl 5 - The Great Green Gathering

  The GGG is Staffordshire University's annual environmentally themed community event. Each summer students, families and members of the local area to come and learn about the sustainable things Staffs Uni are doing, but also wider environmental issues too. Britta and her colleagues will use their grant to carbon-offset the event using native planting including hedgerows on campus.

"I was initially introduced to the Great Green Gathering through a fellow course mate as well as my academic mentor Elle Atkins. It is a wonderful to have the opportunity to work with such passionate and eager individuals.

My involvement has offered me the chance to expand my skills, including communication… and especially developing my time-management skills as well as learning to make meaningful connections with new people via online meetings."

Britta also said that completing the grant applications had given her an experience that would be useful in future grant applications. Helping her to become more familiar with the questions, evidence and language used - great for students thinking of working in research projects, charities or community partnerships to name a few.

Britta's volunteering also helped her whilst studying online "especially during a time like this in the world, to have a task going on with active goals to reach on a consistent basis. Like any new project or task in life, there are a lot of logistics to consider and the GGG team has been amazing on working together to create a balanced schedule."

And how has Britta's experience influenced her future involvement with new projects? 

"This event has definitely encouraged me to continue my involvement with the university and to seriously consider continuing and accepting any volunteering opportunities that may come my way in the future! I couldn’t speak more highly about what I have experienced."

If you’d like to tell us about your volunteering experience or if you are looking for a role to get stuck in to, then email union@staffs.ac.uk


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