Volunteering Opportunity with Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise are offering a volunteering opportunity for our students to run the YE programme in local schools, starting 12th July.

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The programme provides opportunities to explore career options to help make informed choices and prepare young people for destinations and life beyond education. The day explores themes of career choices, personal skills & talents, job interviews, salaries, earnings, tax & the costs of living, financial planning and budgeting.

Your Role as Volunteer

As a volunteer you will be asked to:

  • Work with a small number of young people
  • Facilitate the activities/challenges
  • Use the opportunity to weave in your own experience when exploring a topic and bring it to life with examples from your experience/organisation
  • Help the young people to gain knowledge and understanding of the different job roles available to them in the world of work. 
  • Share your current job, education and dream job; it will help to raise the aspirations of young people
  • Take an interest in their career plans
  • Be a role model
  • Have fun!

Programme and Timetable

The day will be led by a Young Enterprise Area Manager. You will not be expected to lead or instruct on any session of the programme. You will be asked to help facilitate the group you are allocated to work with for the day and try to get the best out of them by sharing your experiences and providing examples from your own experience and organisation. By sharing examples about your dream job, who you feel is successful and why, you will help engage, encourage, motivate and inspire the students in your group.

The below exemplar timetable will be edited by the Area Manager to fit the needs of the school – in some cases we are asked to deliver a half-day version in which certain sessions or omitted.


If you would like to find out more and sign up interest go email mentoring@staffs.ac.uk and check out the website.


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