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What is 'Student Representative Council'

This is a gathering of your Department Representatives and Representative Networks, to hear updates from the Union and Full-Time Officer Team and help plan our work. It's a chance to share the best work that your representatives do!

Students met last Wednesday on the 24th of February.

What was discussed?

  1. Changes to your module structure

There are some changes to how modules are conducted, and how this will effect students. Your representatives gave some key questions as feedback for the university: 

  1. How will content be decided over things being lost, 'cutting stuff from a course' and how does the effect workload
  2. How does this change work for students who have no optional modules or no exams?
  3. Does this effect apprentice courses?
  4. What exactly happens with compulsory modules? Does this weight out differently?


Once we have some answers, look out for an FAQ!

  1. A Full-Time Officer Team Manifesto Update

Your Full-Time Officers gave an update of their Team Manifesto, how successful projects are and what's still left to do. You can have a full read of their update by clicking here:

If you have any questions about that, don't hesitate to get in contact with our Full-Time Officers!


  1. Representation Update

We also discussed issues and concerns your Department Representatives had heard across the university, to make sure we as a Union can action them and work hard to help resolve any problems. Look out on the Union website or social media pages for any more updates on these!

Fancy joining Student Representative Council yourself? Get involved and #LeadStaffs! You can nominate yourself for a Representative Network or Department Representative here: www.staffsunion.com/leadershiprace