Why we've got #Pride at Staffs Union all year round

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We're Always Proud of our LGBT+ Community

It’s more than just a rainbow logo here at Staffs Union – here are some amazing standout things we’ve been working on for LGBT+ inclusion across the university:


  1. LGBT+ Conference: Our incredible LGBT+ Network hosted student communities from across the country and shared best practice on how to engage with and support their members.

  2. Pronoun badges: We suggest and encourage all of our staff at the Students' Union to wear pronoun badges when on shift and to add their pronouns to their email footers and include an option to "Ask about their pronouns". This small gesture helps to normalise:

    (a) not making assumptions about people's pronouns/gender based on appearance, mannerisms etc.

    (b) to help normalise a culture where people feel comfortable expressing their true selves.

  3. The Allies Programme Network: We launched the “LGBT Allies Programme.” This is training for ALL staff and students in making them more aware, educated and advocates for our LGBT+ community. The training is an hour long session and designed to be able to help those who don’t know as much and create more visible support for LGBT+ people.

  4. Trans Inclusion Policy: In 2018, we oversaw the launch of the joint policy between the University & Students' Union for Trans Inclusion. This ensures inclusion of our transgender community and that the correct support is in place for those medically transitioning.

  5. Stoke-on-Trent Pride: We made sure that our LGBT+ students had free access to Stoke-on-Trent's Pride event, as a chance to showcase and celebrate their work as a community. We’ve also been involved in the planning of Staffordshire University’s presence at previous Stoke-on-Trent Pride events to ensure that LGBT+ students are at the heart of Pride.

  6. Gender Awareness Training: All student staff are given an option to partake in equality training which include gender awareness, developed by our HR team with input from LGBT+ people. This has helped to embed inclusivity into all our activity; be it serving a pint at Ember or working with students for housing at GreenPad.

  7. The LGBT+ Corporate Group: In all our the university’s plans for LGBT+ inclusion, students have been at the centre of discussion. We’ve worked with the university’s Equality & Diversity department in a “Corporate Group” for the university, helping to improve things for LGBT+ students and staff. Students have been welcomed from our LGBT+ Network, helping to highlight issues most important to them.


We’re always Proud to be Staffs – and always proud to help represent LGBT+ people!

Have you got something to say about Pride month at Staffs? Share your views with us by emailing union@staffs.ac.uk.

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