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Your new officer team speak out...

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And so it begins. Your Student Officer team for the 17/18 academic year has been confirmed after 2327 of you voted for who you want to lead you and make changes for you in the future.

A returning officer this year is Swetha Reddy, who is extremely happy to have another academic year to make some great changes.

“All I want to say is thank you very much. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been so welcoming and positive. When I was asking for votes and campaigning, people would tell me that they remembered me from this talk or that event, so I relived the entire year during campaign time!”

Her plans for the year include “employability” and “24/7 access”.

Geography student Sam Pillow is a new officer who had a very successful campaign, creating innovative ways to garner attention such as bringing his living room on to campus.

“Honestly, I’m over the moon. I’m so happy that people got off their arses and voted, because I know in the first couple of days there was a lot of talk about the lack of votes and motivations. A lot of people said it was quite political, but the people I did speak to thought that I was worthy of the job. I hope they can be proud of me being in Office.

Sam says he has “huge plans in the pipeline” and that he’s “full of bubbling ideas that he can’t wait to put down on paper.”

Tash Crump was also voted into the Student Officer role by those that took part.

“To those who voted, I’d like to give just a massive, massive thank you. If people can believe in me, now I can put in place everything that I said I wanted to do or at least try and push for it. I can make sure everyone here has the best opportunities here at Staffs.”

Tash says she has “big plans” and that “some are already in the works, but now she can push them forward and make sure they become a reality.”

 Stay tuned for your President-elect Darren Clarke’s message to those who voted and his plans for next year.


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