Zero Waste Section at the Student's Union Shop

It's Zero Waste when it comes to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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Zero Waste filling station


Reduce, Reuse, Refill - a word that is commonly used within many industries. At Staffordshire University Student's Union, we have set up our reuse, reduce, recycle station known as 'Zero Waste'. Located in College Road next to Squeezebox, the shop also sells reusable Chili Bottles and coffee cups! 


What is in the Zero Waste section?

- Cereals 

- Rice 

- Beans 

- Seeds, nuts and berries 

- Pasta 

- Shampoo, Conditioner and hand soap

- Washing up liquid, Fabric liquid and conditioner

- Shampoo bars 

Do you have empty containers, bottles or jars you are throwing away? Why not save them and bring them to the Students Union shop where you can fill them with your favourite food! It's in the name; we want zero waste on our campus! 


  1. Weigh - the emtpy container/bag 
  2. Fill - the container/bag 
  3. Weigh - re-weigh your filled container/bag 
  4. Label - the filled container/bag 
  5. Pay - at our checkout 



  • REDUCE waste by only buying the food you need
  • REUSE your old containers, cup or anything you can fill
  • REFILL your at home containers and keep packaging low


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