Diversity Week

Mavii shares his story on culture.

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Mavii ACS

My name is McCarthy, I go by Mavii as a fine artist. I’m part Zambian and Cameroonian by blood and was raised in Africa. A unique combination, I know, but I’m very lucky to have had a diverse upbringing.

I’m studying Digital and Social Media marketing on a 4-year course, as I completed my foundation year in 2021. The foundation year catalysed my growth as a student as it allowed me to find my feet as an individual as well as get to grips with academia and student culture.

Throughout secondary school and university I’ve always carried enthusiasm and curiosity to seek opportunities to create my business alongside my studies. An extremely flourishing disposition to attain but it can prove to be a head twist at times.

My obsessive attitude aids my success to a countless degree, but my lack of discipline at times is one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced considering my workload.

However, “I understand that pressure is in fact a privilege. It means someone believes in you. And it gives you the opportunity to do something extraordinary.” – Tim Grover.

Right now, it’s hard to tell what motivates me on a day-to-day as my course is completely out of the way of what I initially thought, but a major portion of my motivation was to apply the digital marketing theory of what I’d be learning to my business endeavours. Enabling me to build a strong portfolio and real-life experience alongside my degree.

What makes me diverse? For one, I’d say my ethnicity. Part of that experience allows me to interact and communicate with the world from many angles. Both my parents are entrepreneurs and effectively teachers. With myself being creatively inclined, I tend to be a visual generator, expressing ideas and expanding people’s point of view through art, music, speaking or writing.

All in all, I believe what makes me diverse is choosing to embrace clusters on my personality and sharing that experience with the world in many fashions.

I think the campus culture in Staffs is what you make of it, I’ve said this from the moment I realised it’s up to you how much you enjoy Uni or no. Fortunately, as President of African Caribbean Society (ACS), my partners and I have grown into aa position where we can make Staffs a livelier and more exciting environment as a society.

The vast array of societies across the board makes Staffs Uni a diverse and inclusive community and I’d heavily encourage students to join one. It’s not easy to make friends coming from unique backgrounds as we all do, but the ability to join, lead and create societies allow us to find a common ground and see ourselves fit.