Getting the most out of Welcome

What has welcome got in store for me?

getting the most out of welcome

Getting the most out of Welcome:  

Welcome is an?overwhelming time for a student. There are many events every single day, and it can easily become stressful. As Officers, we have had the opportunity to experience one or more Welcome periods, so we would like to think we are slowly becoming professionals!?(especially after being able to plan them this year). Below, we will offer you a list of things that ensure you get the most out of this year's Welcome.? 


Don’t worry if you don’t get to see everything, it last for eight weeks! 

Here at Staffs, we know the first weeks can mean a lot to take in, so whilst there is a busy few weeks in store, we are offering an eight-week spiral induction for Welcome, so you have lots of opportunities to access services, activities, and events. With our university having a strong international student community, we found that many are not able to attend Welcome Week events due to not yet arriving to Staffs so spreading opportunities out means everyone gets a chance to get involved.  


Enjoy the freebies! Guess what? When you show up at these Welcome?fair events, you are in for a treat – bags of goodies are up for grabs for every student from a range of local businesses. Make the most of it by coming along and seeing what is on offer. 

welcome fairwelcome fairfreshers fest

Ready to make some memories? There are loads of chances to meet new people in a range of events and activities!? 

Our events are a chance for students to celebrate, learn, exchange cultures, and have fun! Whether they are in the SU (Student Union) Buildings and venues or another location, we will aim to make them safe, inclusive, and memorable! In the day, we hold a range of campaign-related events providing info, advice, and free stuff. There’s also, vintage clothing, and other pop-up marketplaces throughout the year. We also work with our many societies and external partners to deliver cultural celebrations, comic cons and more! Our main evening events like our ever-popular Sunday Night Quiz and Tuesday Night Karaoke or our more informal squeeze nights or student lounges. They are complimented by cultural celebrations in partnership with our university, societies, club, and student-led events, including rock and alternative music nights, desi disco’s and much more AND... you can count on us to make a big deal of Halloween, Christmas, Varsity, and the start of the summer break. We always have unforgettable one-off events for the big occasions. 

Check the website and Instagram for regular updates on events