Grab custom esports apparel!

Whether you play for Staffordshire Stampede or the London Rampage, grab your own custom jersey or hoodie!

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Staffordshire Stampede Jersey

As of the last few years students have been able to buy their own esports jersey with their name and gamer tag on the back. This is continuing this year thanks to the service of NSE who have partnered with an esports clothing and apparel company. NSE has given us some great discounts on the gear making it so that each clothing item gains a £6 discount and then a further 20% on that bringing the price of a hoodie from £60 to £43.20 (these discounts are automatically applied at checkout, no need for codes)! However, we have some new additions. For the Stampede, not only can students buy the normal jersey but NEW for 2021/22 a hoodie and jacket are available too! For those looking for the London Rampage, there is a custom hoodie and jersey with the Rampage's branding on it. 

The jersey is light so it doesnt reduce a players perforance when trying to do the flicks of their lives. Each jersey can be customised with a players tag and name on the back along with NUEL and NSE's logos (allowing each student to claim a £6 discount!).

Ther hoodie offers a warm and comfortable feeling but still allows for great movement while representing Staffs in whatever game you're playing!


Come rain or shine the stylish jacket can be worn for all occasions and was heavily requested last year!


If you buy any Staffordshire Stampede clothing make sure to tweet us @StaffsEsports using the #WeAreTheStampede! Similarly, if you grabbed some Rampage clothing let us know @StaffsRampage with #RampageOn??

Trample your enemies with some Stampede merch here:

Join the herd with some London Rampage merch here:


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