Is it too early to be thinking about next year's accommodation? No!

Our lettings agency, Greenpad, are here for all your accommodation needs!

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We are approaching the time of year when your landlord prepares for the year ahead so that GreenPad can market your property.


Therefore, we need to know your plans for next year as a matter of priority so we can make arrangements for potential new tenants and allocate them properties for next year.

Please email if you wish to remain in your current property for the next academic year, i.e. 2023/24 by the 16th of November so that we can ensure your rooms are booked for you. 

We know that you may be unsure of your plans for next year, e.g. whether you will be on placement. Still, please feel reassured that GreenPad has a variety of accommodations to fit all budgets throughout the year, so we can efficiently allocate you new accommodation to meet your needs.

Wish to rebook

If you would like to rebook your room, please email with the subject of: (property and room) - (name) - Rebooking. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPLY TO THIS EMAIL IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO REBOOK THE SAME PROPERTY.

Want another property

If you wish to remain with GreenPad, but in a new property, please email with the subject of: (property and room) - (name) - new property. Within the email, include the following information:

  • Weekly Budget
  • If you are a group of students or an individual, if a group, how many rooms.
  • Any properties you are interested in
  • Requirements/things you are looking for in a property

Please feel free to contact GreenPad with any questions or concerns. We are always contactable by email and phone from 10am until 4pm Mon-Fri.

01782 422300 / 422321 / 01782 295888

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