My Top 3 UK Theme Parks

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Why Theme Parks?

A lot of students question me on the reasons why I am so fascinated in Theme Parks. Personally I find it the ultimate form of escapism, and when studying at University it is important to find a way to relax your brain. People can achieve this through multiple activities. The common ones being: Playing a Sport, Baking a Cake and Playing Video Games, but I specifically love Themed Attractions as they offer a physical space which has been designed for you to escape from reality.
Another common question is how can I afford this? The answer is simply having annual passes as you pay one price which gives you unlimited entry to Theme Parks across the UK. And the price is not as much as you think. What is key though is to watch your spending when you are visiting these places as that is what will cost you.
Right, Let's ge to it!

3) Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Sunny Blackpool Pleasure Beach! A fantastical line up of rides and attractions including: Wallace & Gromit: Thrill O' Matic & Valhalla, which are in my opinion the two best dark rides in this country, and once was home to the tallest and fastest coaster in the world. It is amazing to think that a small family run amusement park has achieved so much in it's 122 years of operation. And it really is the nostalgia combined with the modern infrastructure that puts this park in my top three.


2) Alton Towers

Alton Towers is pretty much my second home, although the Theme Park does not have the best attractions in the UK. It is the gardens and the beautiful setting that makes the park so appealling for me to visit, it is not even about riding the rides anymore. The best days I have had is in the gardens with my laptop and a pre packed lunch listening to the roar of Nemesis and Rita in the background.
And Wicker Man is my favourite ride/attraction in the UK, it is stunning!!


1) Chessington World of Adventures

I love Chessington World Of Adventures! It combines a very well kept zoo and a Theme Park into one location. All the rides are very well themed and suited to their particular area, and OMG their carousel is stunning! I think the reason this park secures the number one spot for me, is the atmosphere it has, it really does make you feel like you have escaped into different worlds.
And what a lot of Theme Parks in the UK seem to struggle with is having an amazing selection of eateries, including a vegetarian/vegan options, although I am not a vegetarian I appreciate company's making an effort for those that have specific tastes.



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