Volunteering Opportunity - Social Media Volunteer

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Volunteer posts available:

Social Media Volunteer

Registered Charity number:


Volunteer Provider:


 VAST (Staffordshire Sight Loss)

Date Opportunity posted:

 Not Stated

Closing date:


Opportunity description:


What you will be doing


·         Creating and scheduling social media content

·         Taking photos at events

·         Answering enquiries made through social media

·         Creating posts to be published on Facebook groups

·         Producing description of photographs and videos to be posted on social media

Skills you will need for this role:

·         Knowledge of social media

·         Willingness to attend required trainings

·         Good communication skills

·         Good written English and attention to detail

·         Ability to work as part of a team



A DBS check and 2 references will be required prior to taking up the role.

While volunteers are not paid for their time travel and other agreed expenses can be reimbursed.

You will be required to have a DBS check which will be submitted by ourselves and you will be reimbursed with vehicle travel expenses.

Skills and development:

Basic IT skills - internet & email, Conservation, Organising & Planning,

Further information:

To register your interest please click here If you have already registered with us and are also interested in this role, or if you would like more information please contact us




Don't forget to keep your volunteering profile up to date with all of the great work that you have done, so that your hours of commitment can be recognised in your Higher Education Achievement Report.


We have an exciting opportunity for any students with an interest in entertainment or media or for anyone who is creative, whether you have a passion for music, sports, journalism, social media or anything in between, you could dive into a new experience with OMG Radio!

Who are OMG and what do they do?

OMG Radio is Staffordshire University’s Radio Station. OMG Radio specialises in radio and online and has an array of opportunities for you to get involved in here at Staffs Uni.

We are a society just like any other except we can offer real skills and experience that will ultimately boost your CV. Not only that, but it's really fun!

Another reason to get involved with OMG Radio is that you don’t have to be on a media course to begin with! We are proud to say that we have members from all over the university and welcome all abilities when it comes to radio and online media. As long as you have an interest in entertainment, we think you’ll fit right in!

What are the benefits of being part of the team?

Along with having access to industry standard equipment to use for any of your OMG projects, you also have the freedom to broadcast any topic you feel is relevant and interests you. You can have your say and make your voice heard through a vast array of platforms.

OMG have also hosted numerous different socials, including trips to other cities with the opportunity to create amazing and exciting content whilst having fun with other members.

And if this wasn’t enough, the time you spend as part of OMG will help you develop new and existing skills that you can add to your CV and give your HEAR record the edge when applying for future employment opportunities!

How can you get in touch?

If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact the Student Engagement Team at studentengagement@staffs.ac.uk for more information.