Wholesome pet pictures that will make you smile

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Dog in sunglasses

Students in our Covid Community Facebook Group took to sharing photos of their pets to try and spread some joy with each other during the lockdown.

Student Hannah said:

"To spread a bit of positivity on a lockdown Monday, I wanna start a pet thread because animals are wholesome and pure. Whether you're with your pet now or missing them back home, I want to see all your animals ??

Here's my pets to start us off. This is my dog Alaska who I have here with me at uni, and my cat Chester who is back home with my family"


It all kicked off from there.


We asked our Twitter followers to contribute and we got some brilliant responses, including a dog (of course), an axolotl called 'Stitch' and 'Dave' the brave dove.




We hope these photos and the full thread on our Facebook group make you smile today, even if just for a little while. It's not too late to add yours or get involved in the #TogetherAtHome challenge.


Want to contribute to content on our site? Get in touch at unionmarketing@staffs.ac.uk or have your say:


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