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Hi all and hope you all had a good Christmas and New year.

Well now everything is getting back to normal again after the Christmas and New Year break, so does all my University work. I took a few weeks off to concentrate on my won studies and revision but now I am back to work on the SAP.

Currently I have acquired a sample module handbook from each faculty (most schools bar a few) which I now need to read through each one in detail to understand how each will be assessed within handins. This will be done by analysing how each module is assessed by their retrospective leaders with regards to the marking criteria. Not all handbooks have marking criteria but they do come with a large volume of information on how the module is structured. Using this information, it should be quite easy to figure out how to use the current Unviersity template, for hanbooks that is, and then adapt this to create a marking criteria for each type of handin, such as repotrs, presentations etc.

So for the next 2 or so weeks I will be doing mainly reading of handbooks that have kindly been given to me with help from Michael Hamlyn and the school leaders.

Good luck with all of your exams, if you have any, I know I have 3 of my own.



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