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Hi all

The last few weeks I have been mainly concentrating on getting all the documentation completed for the first phase of the project. This was the analysis of the handbooks and University Regulations. Now that the majority of this is completed, I have set my target on going out there and meeting people to gather direct feedback about feedback.

To do this I have set up two focus groups at Stafford so students and staff can come along to give their opinions on feedback. There is no agenda for the meeting and I am hopefully going to gauge the opinions of:

  • What feedback is,
  • How students want their feedback, 
  • How academic staff want to provide feedback,
  • The methods of feedback available
  • Any marketing that can be used to help with feedback,
  • Are the academic staff keeping to the regulations/guidelines the university has set for 20 days (4 weeks)

So if you think this sounds interesting then please come along to any (all) of the focus groups at Stafford which are on:

Monday 4th February 2013: 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Monday 11th February 2013: 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Location: Students' Union Boardroom, Stafford Student Space.

I will be following up with additional Stoke based focus groups to ensure both main campuses get their voices heard. I am unable to get to any of the satelite campuses such as Lichfield, Tamworth or Shrewsbury. SO if you are based off the two main sites then please send you feedback to me via email on


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