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Hi all

Well it has been several weeks since my last blog on here, and as the project is nearing the mid way point, I thought I would get one done whilst I have a few spare minutes.

Since the last blog I have co-ordinated the Feedback Focus Grousp, which went okay, but there is always room for improvement. In the end it was basically me hovering around the campus asking for the opinions of students and staff, which turned out to be more of a success that the focus group themselves.

I gathered quite a lot of information regarding what students and staff actually thought of the feedback systems at the university and how they can be improved. Everything that I gathered was immediately anonymised, meaning there is no link to the student or staf member that said it, which I think is a good thing.

After the focus groups, the effort was then concentrated on gathering more information from the academic side of this debate, as they are the side who control what feedback is given and when. This segment is still ongoing and I am receiving the email surveys back in droves, which is quite good. The majority of the replies show that across the board there is no universal system or scheme, meaning there could be confusion between friends who do different courses.

The plan for the next few weeks is to hopefully obtained the remainder of the email responses, gather a bit more detail by scheduling one-to-one meetings with several of the staff who have requested them and then to add all this to my final report which is due to be published later this year in May (2013).

If anyone is interested in going over what I have completed so far, I am more than happy to talk through it, but I am unable to release the report until it is finalised so as not to release any confusing information that is incomplete. You can always contact me via my email address

Enjoy the last few weeks before you get Easter off.



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