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Firstly to introduce myself. I am Paul and I am currently a Level 7 student stuyding Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Analysis. The reason behind this proejct is something that has been bugging me for several years, ever since I joined Staffordshire University. Why does the university have no standard method for assessment and marking so enable students to get the feedback they want. As without useful feedback there is no point in even completing modules, as you don't know where you went wrong and what was good about your work. 

So far this week I have had the first meeting with my academic partner. Who agrees it is about time the University had some form of standardised marking criteria and feeback mechanism across all faculties and schools.

So this week I have been planning what I will be doing for the next few months and how long everything should take me. I have set myself a goal for completing the project by within a few months, which does seem a long time, but I will only be doing a few hours a week as I need to keep up with my studies.

The project will research what each faulty has to use as marking criteria, compare the results and hopefully build a template or guide that lectuers can use.

As part of this project, there will also be a large focus on explain feedback to answer the question below.

"What is feedback and how do I get it?"

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.


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