Game Review: The Culling

The Culling is a fresh concept for a multiplayer PVP game. You are one of 16 contestants in a game show who pits contestants against each other in a fight to the death. You can do this solo or there is a co-op mode.

The melee combat is easy to learn and effective. There’s light attack, heavy attack, block and a push to get around someone’s block. Ranging from a steel pipe to a chainsaw, there are plenty of melee weapons. Then they all come in tiers one to three, three having the best stats. The chainsaw is pretty over powered if someone knows how to use it effectively.

Then there are ranged weapons, including a typical bow and arrow, a blowgun and even a revolver. First of all, the blowgun is going to frustrate you to no end, as it does damage and makes you throw up every so often for a period of time.

When having a melee battle or running away, it’s quite the hindrance. The guns need to be toned down a bit as they are way too overpowered. They are hard to find, but it’s even harder to see someone losing once they get their hands on one, especially seeing that you can craft ammo too.

The traps are one of the games strong points, as they are very creative and can save your life! Notably, there are mines, punji sticks and even caltrops. Also, there are poison traps scattered around the map, which you can activate if you’re in a bind. Then there is the announcer who with his sarcastic wit will surely give you some laughs while you’re on your murderous rampage.

You can play The Culling right now on Steam Early Access.

By Ben Hardy

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