News: Katy Perry to Cameo in Zoolander 2?

The Iconic Ben Stiller movie Zoolander now has a brother! The Zoolander 2 trailer was released late November of last year and as the premier date draws nearer (12th February 2016- in case you were wondering…) more and more celebrity cameos are being announced. The most recent being Katy Perry as well as Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Ariana Grande along with many more celeb cameos. This film is literally oozing well known talent!

Although Perry’s cameo isn’t 100% confirmed as of yet, she dropped the biggest hint of all hints on her Instagram last Tuesday where she posted a funny video of her singing Frankie goes to Hollywood’s ‘Relax’ which Is featured in a scene in the first film that was used to brainwash Derek into killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Just as she’s giving it her all, none other than Ben Stiller himself appears behind her and says “Hey Katy, could you not sing that song? It brings up a lot of personal issues”. Perry, being subtle as ever (or not so much) captioned this masterpiece as "FASHUN WILL HAPPEN 2.12.16";, and also used the films tag, #Zoolander2. If that’s not a huge clue, then who knows what is! 

By Amber Williams

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