Preview: Kona: Day One

This is a first-person exploration game set in 1970’s Northern Quebec, Canada. There are gorgeous, snowy vistas to be seen in the trailer alone, along with eerie snippets of this horror game.

Not much is known about this elusive title but it is known that you are Carl Faubert, a war veteran-turned private detective.

Carl is the type of detective to never turn down a case, so when rich industrialist W. Hamilton has some problems with the local “Cree” clan of Native-Americans, he calls on the ex-service man to solve his dispute.

It’s described as an “episodic game about investigation, exploration, survival and the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of W. Hamilton and the neighbouring inhabitants.

Kona: Day One has you trying to solve this sinister case, whilst surviving in the harsh weathers of the daunting environment. Exploring a vast open world, driving and finding evidence are just a few things that this promising title has to offer.

The visuals are gorgeous thanks to the Unity engine, which is very popular amongst developers, this will definitely help to set the atmosphere and immerse gamers.

Kona borrows narration elements from games like The Stanley Parable and Dear Esther, this tried and tested method often provides extra detail and immersion into the storyline, which we have seen work in the above-mentioned games.

Overall, this game looks extremely promising. It offers an alluring environment, creepy sequences and a story, which is dying to be unravelled throughout hours of gameplay.

Be sure to support this prospective title and help it meet its full release. Check it out at and be sure to watch the upcoming YouTube play-through of the Beta on our channel OMGPlays.

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By Joshua Rawlings

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